Tips For Your Engagement Shoot with Josh Fisher

Planning an engagement session? Congratulations! Engagement photos are some of the best ways to showcase your wonderful celebration and love you have for each other. These are memories that will truly last you a lifetime.

I get asked a lot about how to plan out an engagement shoot. The number one thing I tell my couples is to be as unique as you and truly express yourselves.

040 - klint and laura


Still, I have a few suggestions, number one, being outfit choices. Be you and express yourself but there are certain types of clothing that look better in pictures.

For the most part, solid colors photograph better than patterns. Solid colors never go out of style but today’s fashion pattern might be out of style next year. That being said, still feel free to wear patterns, but keep it iconic.

I get asked a lot about matching. I typically never recommend matching completely. However, I do highly recommend to stay in color harmony. Earth tones, basic colors, light and soft, etc..

026 - kylee and wacey

Stay away from thin sheer type clothing. I work with off camera studio flashes and these types of clothing can instantly become see-through.

I don’t recommend wearing basic white however I can work with you if you’d like to wear basic white.

Don’t forget to keep your nails neat! This goes for guys and girls as I usually photograph your hands with your ring.

131 - britanee and ryan

Extra for ladies: don’t forget jewelry to go along with each outfit. Sometimes less is more however some key pieces of jewelry can bring drama to an image. You’ll be changing in a car so wear a cami or something else (if it works with your outfits) underneath to make changing easier.

Extra for gentlemen: don’t forget watches and shoes and socks and belts to go with each outfit. Polos are great looks for casual. Don’t wear flip-flops. Darker jeans photograph better on men. Go to a barber 1-2 days before the shoot.

Random thoughts:

  • Baggy clothes will look bad
  • Go for skirts over shorts
  • Don’t forget shoes with each outfit
  • I love the way formal attire photographs
  • Jeans are classics
  • Bring extra layers for warmth
  • Layers look great in photos

My favorite places to shop for photo shoots:

  • H&M
  • Madewell
  • Forever 21
  • Loft
  • The Gap
  • Express

049 - klint and laura013 - jessica and hector064 - haley and clint075 - chesni and kale123 - ashton and chase