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Pre-wedding photography and why I love it.

Josh Fisher Wedding

Pre-wedding photography is one of my favorite aspects of wedding photography as a whole. You might be wondering what it is exactly. It gets confused a lot with engagement sessions or first-looks on the wedding day. But it’s neither! Pre-wedding photography is a portrait session with your photographer in your wedding day and reception attire a few weeks before the wedding.

These portrait sessions are the most gorgeous to photograph.  While engagement sessions are great to get portraits for save-the-dates and announcements, pre-wedding photography allows you the time to create beautiful portraits to give as gifts and display in your new home.  This is a new trend that is catching on FAST.

One of the benefits to having a pre-wedding photography session is the ability to have a printed portrait on display at the reception.  Wedding guests will appreciate it and you’ll be able to show off attire perfectly.  It becomes one of the centerpieces of the reception.  It’s always a hit!

Another major benefit is how much time it frees up on the wedding day.  After the formal family portraits and bridal party portraits, you can head to the reception and enjoy the evening!  By having a pre-wedding photography session with your photographer, you can also travel to more locations to photograph your portraits instead of being limited to your ceremony / reception location.

If you’re someone wanting to keep to tradition and wait to see each other at the ceremony then definitely skip this session!

Have you considered a pre-wedding photography session? Ask your photographer about it!