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Tips for your senior shoot with Josh Fisher

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It’s your senior year! One of the best ways to celebrate is with custom high school senior portraits! However, preparing for them can be a daunting task! I hope this helps!

After photographing hundreds and hundreds seniors, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet on how to best prepare for your senior pictures and make your day smooth.

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If you’re a girl, go with a session with professional hair and makeup (fashion, couture, or destination)!  Everyday makeup and makeup for film are dramatically different. It’ll feel different but it’s perfect for camera. Madi is the stylist I’ve been using for five years now and we have mastered our craft and know how to work together to give you the perfect look.

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Be you and express yourself but there are certain types of clothing that look better in pictures. For the most part, solid colors photograph better than patterns. Solid colors never go out of style but today’s fashion pattern might be out of style next year. That being said, still feel free to wear patterns, but keep it iconic.

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I typically never recommend matching completely. However, I do highly recommend to stay in color harmony. Earth tones, basic colors, light and soft, etc..

Stay away from thin sheer type clothing. I work with off camera studio flashes and these types of clothing can instantly become see-through. (Note: Thick sheer material will photograph just fine.)

Don’t forget to keep your nails neat!

Don’t forget jewelry to go along with each outfit. Sometimes less is more, however, some key pieces of jewelry can bring drama to an image.

Bring 5-6 outfits, and I’ll help you choose the best ones. Don’t forget all your jewelry, shoes, and accessories!

Also it might be a good idea to bring a lint brush.

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Random thoughts:

  • Baggy clothes will look bad
  • Go for skirts over shorts
  • Don’t forget shoes with each outfit
  • Formal attire photographs beautifully
  • Jeans are classics
  • Layers look great in photos

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Everyone is nervous before the shoot! We get that 🙂 but we make it fun (just read the reviews on the senior page.)  Now that your outfits are perfect and hair and makeup is set, posing can be a challenge…at least you think! My assistant and I always have a blast with our seniors on our shoots (Note: I always have a female assistant with me).


senior picture photographers okcDuring your shoot, we’ll both be there and we’re both really easy going and relaxed (with the occasional very witty comment here and there.) If you’re nervous- don’t be! Seniors often are and it’s natural to feel that way. The great thing however is that my assistant and I will help you and tell you exactly what to do and how to pose. Feet, hand placement, everything. We’ll be a “posing mirror” for you, fix your hair, and make sure you always look great. It’ll be super easy! Plus you can make fun of me while I pose like a girl 😉 at least your portraits look great right?

The types of posing are absolutely appropriate for 17 and 18 year olds.  I’ll keep you looking conservative, while also looking current.

We do a lot of interactive camera work to make it fun! Like walking to and away from the camera, hair flips, jumps, and I’ll teach you the secret to a serious, yet relaxed “model” face (you’ll be able to take the perfect selfie when you’re finished.)



Locations are super important! Downtown Oklahoma City is home to some of the most unique and gorgeous backdrops. Some work well and some don’t! Over the last several years, we’ve become experts on what looks good on Insta and what looks good printed on your wall. Leave it to us to pick the locations, however, we are always open to suggestions!


Our senior portraits are family-oriented.  Moms (and Dads if you wish!) are included in every part of the portrait experience!  I encourage you to come along on the shoot.  You’ll never forget this time in your life!  Feel free to take mobile pictures and Snapchat the entire thing.  

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