Mackenzie | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Josh Fisher Seniors

Mackenzie is an old soul who enjoys all things classic: including her style, her favorite drink— a good sweet tea, and the person she would most like to meet, Jackie Kennedy.
I’m fairly certain that Taylor Swift wrote Style about Mackenzie, considering the one thing Mackenzie always has in her purse is a tube of lipstick. For Mackenzie’s outfit, one thing was absolutely certain— ruffled socks with heels. This girl is a charm. 
    Mackenzie is the kind of girl who dreams big and also knows what she wants. When I asked Mackenzie about her future, she already knew that she wants to attend Baylor Medical School, and that her dream job is to be an orthopedic surgeon. Whatever Mackenzie’s future looks like, I’m absolutely certain she will get to where she is going and work hard in the process.



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